Cryptme Fraud & Scam Protection

Security is our top priority.

Cryptme takes extreme security measures to ensure the confidentiality of each and every single one of our client accounts. We understand that potential crypto holders are cautious when it comes to buying or selling digital coins on crypto exchanges.

You can review Cryptme fraud and scam prevention policy below and see how we protect you from possible scammers and fraudsters for your complete peace of mind.

Fraud & Scam Prevention

First and foremost, we always strive to keep you updated with common scams in the crypto world. In addition, our dedicated support team would never ask for your password. If you are asked this information, then please report it immediately as this would be an attempt from an outside scammer.

Cryptme 2-Factor Authentication

We always use a 2-factor authentication (2FA) in our security system which requires two distinct forms of identification in order to access something in our platform. This is an extra layer of security of your account beyond just a username and password. Also, it prevents fraudulent activities and keeps your account and funds safe.

In case you receive any request for this 2FA information, whether they claim to be associated with Cryptme, please contact us immediately. We would never ask you to share sensitive authentication credentials.

Adding an Extra Layer of Security

To add an extra layer of security to your account simply activate the 2-factor authentication (2FA) through Google Authenticator under your account’s settings.

Never give your 2FA code, username and password or confidential information to someone on the phone or via email. Cryptme will never request these details over the phone or via email.

Protecting You from Cybersecurity Threats

We always recommend using a strong password when setting up your account. This makes it extra difficult for scammers to guess your password. Thus, protecting you from data leakage and other types of cybersecurity threats.

Changing your password regularly, once every three months, is advisable. By changing your password frequently and using only unique ones that you haven’t used before, you minimize the risk of phishing and hacking.

Cryptme Recommendation

At Cryptme we use cutting-edge technology to prevent identity theft so that your information is never compromised in a data breach.

We advise all our customers not to store on your computer or email any private and personal documents such as driver’s license details, a photo of your passport or anything else that can be used for identity theft.

And never click on links or download files that you are not sure about the credibility of the source. Just delete the entire email.

Cryptme: Your Trustworthy & Transparent Exchange

Cryptme is a transparent and trustworthy crypto exchange. It is important that you only send funds to a trustworthy recipient since cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.

So, it is imperative to always double-check that you have the correct cryptocurrency address and that you are sending funds to a reliable and regulated business.

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced support team if you need any more clarification on how Cryptme helps you to prevent fraud and spot the scammers.